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Welcome to Pizza2Go

Pizza 2 Go is a takeout-delivery outlet located in the heart of Karama. We serve delicious pizzas, pastas and more. At present dine in is not available at the restaurant.

All our pizzas are freshly rolled and stone-baked. With over 35 flavors on the menu, you are truly spoilt for choice. Regardless of what you order, we assure of a pie packed with flavor and taste. The choice is not limited to toppings either, in fact it starts with the bread itself. Choose from 4 types of crusts; Classic thin, Classic regular (not thick not thin), Whole-wheat thin or Multi-grain thin. The healthier crusts are gentler on your body without being hard on your taste buds. Our menu also features salads and sides. Download the pdf menu or browse our online order site to place an order now!

Why Choose Us


What sets us apart from other pizzerias is the inimitable taste of our pizzas – the balance of freshly baked bread, homemade sauce, unique toppings and delicious cheese.

Get Fresh

Only the freshest ingredients are used for our pizzas. Preparing new batches of dough each day, sourcing fresh produce daily and cooking toppings to order are just some steps we take to ensure your pizza delivers this freshness – from the crust upwards.


Combo meals for 1 to 15 persons , deals for off-peak hours, time-limited specials and online discounts all make ordering from Pizza 2 Go an attractive value proposition. And that’s on top of an already reasonably priced menu.

The Dough


Beautifully cooked bread is the basis of a great tasting pizza. Which is why Pizza 2 Go offers 3 delectable choices – Classic, Whole-wheat and Multi-grain.

Choose Classic flour if you like your pizzas the traditional way. Try Whole-wheat for a deeper richer taste and a more nutritious bread.

And for that guilt-free pizza binge ask for Multi-grain, rich in fiber and Omega 3.


We enjoy what we do. And it shows. Whether you want that order to reach exactly at 7.45 pm, or wish to swap potato wedges for garlic bread, nothing’s too much trouble. Just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.


With over 35 pizzas on the menu, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Nearly half are vegetarian options so if you are herbivorous, we’ve got you covered. Toppings are carefully paired to give each pizza a distinctive taste. The rest of the menu also provides similarly good choice – from pastas to sandwiches to drinks.

Besides medium and large, our pizzas come in a personal size too. Even on those lonesome evenings, have a hearty meal without feeling guilty about over-eating or being put out of pocket..

For large pizzas, you can select two pizza flavors and halve the portions.

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